Oil field Housing for Pecos Texas


If you are looking for oil field housing for Pecos Texas you do not need to look any further. OilfieldLodging.com has the most current and highly sought after oil field housing in West Texas. We have man camps with food or without, your choice. We have every “Certified” Hotel in Pecos Texas and Monahans Texas.  We provide crew logistics for all the top 25 oil and gas service companies in the world.

We have Oil field Housing for Pecos Texas

Currently the industry average of incorrect folios from hotels is close to 80% error rate. We provide auditing services and dispute before our clients ever see their hotel bill. We also have proprietary technology that prevents over charges, late fees and no show costs. We have pre-negotiated “No Stay-No Pay” agreements nationwide. We have “boots on the ground” managing your crew logistic checkins and crew changes. We track rosters daily. The OilfieldLodging.com team manages all the auditing, logistics and we have the technology to show you how you are saving money on a daily basis. Call us now to get approved in our system. All clients must be 5 rooms or more to qualify.

What is Crew Logistics?

Crew logistics is the opposite of a booking agent. We sometimes say that the difference is like a cell phone in the 1990’s vs a smart phone today. A crew logistics company pro-actively reviews your request before movement and decides using a logical calculation of drill site proximity, pricing, crew protocol, crew roster tracking/pairing, checkin time guidance and management  and Health safety and environmental standard minimums. A booking agent? Takes a call and books wherever you tell them. They are usually working in a phone room and have never reviewed or inspected the properties they are booking. Its only about collecting a 10% commission from the hotel.  Do you want 1990’s technology or a smart choice?

OilfieldLodging.com is a crew logistics company, not a booking agency or an apartment locator. If you need Oil Field Housing for Pecos Texas, we are the only logical choice. Smart Choice.


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